Matt's Lock & Safe LLC

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Your keys to your home or your business are small things but they are very important. If they are lost or broken you need help immediately, and you need help that is professional and technically accurate. Our key repair services will be able to take your bent, broken or damaged key and provide you with an exact replacement that will allow you immediate access. We will work quickly and accurately, minimizing your downtime and providing you with the very best in responsive and reliable customer service.

A Broken Key is Not a Disaster

Today’s highly technical security keys are not invulnerable; they can stop working. House and business keys can bend or even break off in the lock you are trying to access. Although this may feel like a disaster, there’s no need to panic. One quick call to our locksmith service will have an expert in key repair service headed out to your location. We will be able to replicate your key from the bent or broken original or even from the lock itself.  We provide all of these services in a calm, friendly, professional manner so that you can relax, knowing that you are in good hands and will soon be able to get back into your car, your home or your business. Whatever your locksmith service needs, all us for experienced, affordable, highly accurate service.