Matt's Lock & Safe LLC

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We are a full service locksmith, able to repair and service any type of lock for your home or business. We have professional training and expertise along with many years of experience in all areas of lock repair, so whether you need your locks re-keyed, fixed, replaced or upgraded, we are available to help. One call will send our mobile locksmith service to your property, where we will inspect your existing lock and determine exactly what you need. We will make suggestions as to your best course of action and then provide you with whatever service you decide will provide you with the protection that meets your needs and matches your budget.

Residential Lock Repair

Whether your lock has been broken by an intruder or it has simply fallen victim to wear and tear, we can provide you with the repair or replacement service you need to make sure you feel safe and confident in your home. If your locks aren’t working correctly or you are having difficulty in locking or unlocking them it will have an impact on your sense of comfort, so one of our residential lock experts will be there as soon as you call us, inspecting what is wrong and making sure that they are in the best possible condition.

Commercial Lock Repair

When it comes to your business it is essential that your security system is in proper working condition. If you have suffered a break-in or are concerned about the potential for theft, we are here to help. Call us at the first sign of wear and tear or damage to your existing locks and we will come out and check to see whether they can be repaired or need to be replaced. We will offer you a number of good solutions to make sure that you are well protected and that you can have peace of mind about your property’s security.